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Please be advised that due to Covid-19 we’re not accepting returns at the moment ! ALL SALES ARE FINAL ! please read carefully and order your correct size.
No Refunds! Only Exchanges/Store Credit
ORDERS have a processing time of 7-10 business days before shipping. Once processed time, shipping will be 3-5 standard or 1-2 express. All items purchased during a sale using the sale code are final. 

Exchanges can only be made on Ready To Wear Items. Custom items are not exchangeable/refunded.

Steps to doing an exchange

Exchange Time Frame: 14 days from delivery date 

    (For Example, your item delivered Jan 1st , package must be received by us, no later than Jan 15th.)

If the return is after the 14 days, the package will be denied and you will receive it back.

  1. Check the description of the item you want to exchange, to see if it allows for an exchange. (Items that come with undergarments, leotards etc are items that CAN NOT be exchanged. 

  2. Now that you see you can exchange it, please look online for the size, and color of the item you are wanting. If the item you want is sold out, please look for secondary options. 

  3. All returns must include a note. The note must state 4 things

           -Order number

           -Reason for the return

  -The list of items, color and size you want to exchange it for

           - Current email address and phone number

4. Lastly, take your item and your note to the shipping facility of your choice (USPS, UPS, Fedex) and purchase a shipping label. You can reuse the original shipping packaging or use the shipping facilities packaging.  Please keep your receipt with the tracking information.

 Return Address: 

  Missfit Fashion LLC

    1860 Mellwood Ave #144 

    Louisville, KY 40205 


All pieces are shipped via USPS. Once your item leaves the boutique, delivery is in the hands of USPS. 

Any issues with delivery such as your tracking saying it’s delivered and you have not received your item, please contact USPS. 


Once a purchase through the website has been made. Contact customer service to see pricing options.

Custom Garment Policies

Missfit Fashion will create a custom garment for the client using their provided ideas and inspiration photos. Your garment WILL NOT be an exact replica of your inspiration photos, but as close as possible. 


Terms of Payment

There are three installment payments scheduled for this agreement:

1. Nonrefundable consultation fee: – goes toward the total cost. only if 40% is paid same day as consultation.

2. 40% retainer fee: – includes the initial consultation fee only if 40% is paid same day as consultation. No work will be done on the garment prior to this payment. 

3. Remaining balance: (60%) is due after garment is completed and prior to shipping. You will have 7 days to make final payment or else your order will be forfeited and resold.


The garment will NOT be shipped until final balance has been received. 


Garment Creation Process, Fittings, Changes LOCALS:

You will be granted 1-2 fitting appointments before final pickup of your dress; dates and times will be mutually agreed upon between Missfit Fashion and the client. Please Allow up to 1 hour for potential alterations when picking up your garment. For the most part, minor changes can be made at no additional cost. Major changes requiring more materials and/or labor, including significant changes in measurements due to weight loss or gain, will need to be agreed upon by both parties and may result in an additional cost, which must be paid before changes are made. Once fabric has been purchased there will be no fabric changes. 


Refund / Cancellation Process

Missfit Fashion cannot accept any returns or cancellations for ANY reason once the client has signed the agreement. If the client cancels the custom order or process of production for any reason, no refund of any kind or for any prior deposits given to Missfit Fashion will be issued. Once the client has canceled an order, either by verbal or written communication, Missfit Fashion has the right to stop production of the order and use the garment, fabrics or materials for company use. If the client or affiliates becomes difficult to work with, Missfit Fashion can cancel services and the client’s refund percentage will be at the discretion of Missfit Fashion. Missfit Fashion is not responsible for any mishaps, including but not limited to rips, tears, broken seams, or stains to the garment once the client signs the garment release form and the gown is in the client’s care. A garment not paid for in full and/or picked up by 7 days, after the listed due date, will be forfeited along with any fees already paid. 


If your name is not included in thie contract, Missfit Fashion is not obligated to discuss the agreement or its details with anyone other than the parties in the binding agreement.

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